Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year?

This has been the craziest beginning to a new year I've ever experienced, and we're only on day 4.
I rung the new year in by working in a psych hospital, which isn't an uncommon event for me. The next night I worked, my boss wrote me up for something I didn't even do, something that happened the previous night, and was annoyed that I wouldn't sign it. Then, when I called to get clarification on how to do the thing I'd just been written up for, she got so mad at me that she pulled a bag out of my hands with such force that she broke the zipper and inadvertently hit me in the face with it. I stood dumbfounded that this actually happened to me. Had I heard about it from someone else, I wouldn't have believed it. People don't actually do things like that at work, especially not your boss!!! Alas, it happened, and I have no words to express how upset it made me. I cried the whole way home. I wasn't able to sleep and called in sick, granting me a three-day weekend to calm my sensitive spirit.
My brother called me that night, all upset because of something that happened with his girlfriend's younger brother. I'm still laughing.
Here's that story:
My husband and sister have an on-going battle to give each other the absolute worst Christmas presents ever. It started 12 years ago with my sister giving Bry an open Bijork CD and has snowballed from there. This year she got him Justin Bieber wrapping paper and he gave her a movable keychain with a man and a woman having sex. My brother thought it was hilarious, so when he left, she discretely placed it in his pocket. He forgot it was there and spent the night in his girlfriends guest room. (she lives at home with her parents and younger brother) It fell out of his pocket and his girlfriend's 11 year old brother found it and asked his mother about it. His parents were pissed at my brother for leaving that out for the innocent boy to find, and while I feel bad for the kid's parents, I'm still laughing at my brother's predicament. What a way to be introduced to the birds and the bees! If they make it and stay together until death-do-us-part, that'll be a funny story to tell when they're older. :)
Yesterday, I decided to run a bunch of errands and finally watch Finding Nemo with a good friend of mine while having gluten-free brownies. We'd just paused the movie to frost the brownies and grub down on them when she got a frantic phone call from her brother telling her that her father had just died. She freaked out. Her roommate took her to her father's house and I spent the rest of the day cuddling and hanging out with her daughter.
This year's been wrought with stress, frustration, accidents and death, and it's only four days along. I'm not sure how that bodes for the rest of the year, but I'm sincerely hoping the bad stuff is over and we can all move on to embrace the positive, happy times life has to offer.