Friday, October 5, 2012

Excitement is in the air...

It's official! I'm going to have my FIRST author meet and greet in November! I'm so excited and scared to death! November 9th (it's a Friday) at 3pm PST, I'll be at Cowboy's Tattoo in Reno, NV. YEA!!!!!
In other news, You guys are amazing for helping out my author friends with their new and Re-released books! I <3 y'all!
Created will be available on eBooks October 16th. Shortly after it'll be available in paperback as well. I'll keep you posted with updates, as usual. :)
Consumed is coming along, not sure if it'll be available in October or November yet or not, but I'll get it out before the end of the year if it kills me! I'll be posting a sneak peak of them both in the next couple of days as well as cover art and synopsis.
Thanks so much for your dedication and support. You guys ROCK!
I look forward to meeting some of you on November 9th at Cowboy's! In the meantime, Happy Reading!